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Photos of
Comins Cemetery, Mentor Township,
Oscoda County, MI




     Comins Cemetery is an old cemetery, hidden away in the woods between Mio and McKinley.  There are only 7 gravestones left in the Cemetery; however, when you walk through the cemetery you can see impressions in the ground where graves probably  are (so if you go there please be careful).  It is believed that this was a cemetery for the loggers and their families. 

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This marker is near the stone sign in the middle of the cemetery (see Map).  It has 4 sides to it and on 3 of those sides is information on a person or persons.  This marker has the oldest death dates in the cemetery.

Left side: Charles D. Cauchy Died Mar 12, 1884 Aged 21 Yrs.
Front: Mary H.S. "Wife of Peter Cauchy Jr." Died July 24, 1896 Aged 31 Yrs. (There is something written on the bottom that is unreadable)
Right side: Peter Cauchy Sr. Died Feb. 2, 1893 Aged 63 Yrs.| Mary A. "His Wife" Died Jun 4, 1896 Aged 61 Yrs.

Cauchy Genealogy

Left Side Front Right Side

     When facing the cemetery from the lane. You can see all of the markers except for these three.  They are to the right of the stone sign in the middle of the cemetery (see Map).  There is a little path that leads to them.  I believe that they are all the same family, however, one is unreadable.  

     Here they are left to right: Jenny Davis, George M. Davis, & Isabell Davis

Davis Genealogy

AUG 19, 19XX

The "XX" means that I can't read the stone.

At Rest

Mar 11, 1850
Feb 8, 1914

     To the left is the grave of George & Isabell's daughter Jenny.  It looks like it says:

 Dau. of 

------- Davis

     These markers are to the left of the stone sign in the middle of the cemetery (see Map).  The one farthest on the right has nothing written on it at all so I don't have an up close photo of it.

Please email me if you have ANY information on this family.

     I believe the one right goes on top of the one to its left.


Oldest Son of
Alvin & Margaret Finch
Aug 16, 1867 - Feb 11, 1906




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