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Comins Twp.


The First building in Fairview was erected in 1904 by Laird J. Troyer and E. A. Troyer.  At one time Fairview was located a mile and a half north of its present site; at another, is as a mile north and a mile east of where it is now.  Since the town was very small at this time, it was situated wherever the post office was located.1

Fairview was founded by Alexander Scott.  He called it Buena Vista, which means "Beautiful View."  In 1915 H. Solomon's store in Fairview featured 50 cent underwear on sale for 45 cents.  On sale also was eight pounds of Japanese tea for $1.00.  A pound of coffee was 16 cents, and three boxes of matches could be purchased for a dime.2

Doctors of the Fairview area:

  • Dr. Joseph Ablett - Came to Fairview with his family in June 1905.  Moved to Lansing in 1907 after the death of his wife.  The family was very dissatisfied and homesick for Fairview moved back in 1908.  Lived in Fairview until 1916.  He died in Lansing in February of 1921 and is buried in Fairview.
  • Dr. McMeekin - Came to Fairview in 1907.  He left in 1908.
  • Dr. Fred Lee - Came to Fairview in January 1923.  President of the Four County Medical Association (Oscoda-Crawford-Ogemaw and Roscommon) when he died in 1940.  Dr. Lee, with other interested business people in Fairview, arranged with the power company to furnish electricity for the town.
  • Dr. Dreescher - Lived in Lewiston, was called to Fairview on sick calls.  Small office was built by Oliver J. Miller in 1944, it is now the Fairview Post Office, was rented by Dr. Dreescher.  He came to this office 3 days per week for several years.
  • Dr. Gehman - Came to Fairview in 1949 from Deaconess hospital in Detroit.  First family to occupy the medical center (Home and office building at the north end of town).  Left for AuGres in September of 1952
  • Dr. Benjamin Palmer - Came to Fairview in October 1952, from Lansing.  First Osteopath to practice in Comins Township.3

Fairview Cemetery

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