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Oscoda County Vital Records

     All birth, marriage, and death records from 1880-1950 are available on microfilm at the Family History Center in East Lansing, Michigan.  They may also be ordered at any other FHC for a fee.

     For Oscoda County vital records prior to 1880 see: Mackinac County (1840-1853); Cheboygan County (1853-1857); Alpena County (1857-1858); Iosco County (1858-1869) and Alcona County (1869-1881).

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     Big Creek Township Cemetery   
     Lucerne Cemetery
Park Rd also known as M-72 about 1/4 mile west of Deeter Rd/Oscoda-489, Luzerne, MI. The Township Office, where further information can be obtained, is located in Mio, Michigan.  This Cemetery has been Transcribed by Ronald Eason He also has some photos of the cemetery taken by his father-n-law, Douglas E. Liley.
     Comins Cemetery 
     Comins Flats Cemetery
Mio, Mentor Township, Oscoda County, MI.  Located on McKinley Road.  Directions:  Take M-33 from Mio toward Fairview, turn right on McKinley Road (just after bridge) stay on McKinley Road for 5 or 6 miles.  The road leading to the Cemetery is on the left had side, just before Comins Flats (Boat Launch).  If you go to the parking lot at Comins Flats and turn around going back toward Mio it would be the first dirt, one lane road on the right - There is no sign on McKinley Rd telling you that the cemetery is even there.  (Cemetery Records at Interment.net)
     Fairview Cemetery Fairview, Comins Township, Oscoda County, MI. Located on M-33.  Directions: Take M-33 North from Mio, (it will curve to the right, you will then be going east), to Fairview.  Once in Fairview go east until you get the the light in town (If you stay going east after the light the road has changed into M-72).  At the light take a left (going North again & on M-33), the cemetery is about 1 mile from there.
     Hughes Graves  Big Creek Township
     Kittle Cemetery 
     Elmer Twp. #2
North side of CR-614 west of M-33 in Elmer Township
     Long Lake Cemetery South of Mack Lake on the NE corner of Warbler Rd. and CR-604 in Mentor Twp.
     Marker Cemetery Two miles north of Mack Lake, SE corner of Colgrove and Weeks Rds. in Mentor Twp.
     McKinley Cemetery East side of George Rd. 1/2 mile north of CR-600 in Mentor Twp.
     Mentor Township Cemetery Mio, Mentor Township, Oscoda County, MI. Located on CO-600.  Directions: At the stop light in Mio (when going North on M-33) turn right on CO-600.  Go down about 6 or 7 miles.  The Cemetery is on both sides of the road (older section is on the right hand side and the newer section is on the left).  Be careful - the cemetery is on one of the many curves on this road. 
     Mio Cemetery South side of CR-622 east of M-33 in Mentor Twp.
     Mooney Cemetery
     McCollum Lake Cemetery
Hopkins Road, just west of McCollum Lake Road in Clinton Twp. (Some cemetery Records at Internment.net)
     Mount Pindus Cemetery East side of Mount Pindus Rd., north of CR-488
     Muskrat Lake Cemetery
     Elmer Township #1
North side of Helmer Lake Road 1/2 mile west of Richardson Rd. in Elmer Tow
     Rich Family Burial Ground  Big Creek Township, Oscoda County, Michigan; about 7 miles south of Luzerne, Michigan on Rich Road, just north of Holloway Rd..
     Union Corners Cemetery Union Corners, west side of Union Rd. south of CR-488, Big Creek Township.
     Weaver Cemetery
     Amish Cemetery
West of Weaver Road about two miles south of M-72 in Comins Township.

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     Oscoda County Clerk Vital Records (1880-1 to present)
     Michigan Department of Community Health Vital Records
     Oscoda County Probate Court Wills and Estates
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